“Why Having Satisfied Customers Won’t Grow Your Business”

Imagine that you stop into a restaurant for some seafood.

It happens to be one of the restaurants that you have been meaning to try out but just never got the chance to do so in the past.

You’ve heard pretty decent reviews about their service, so you’re looking forward to getting a taste of their shrimp scampy. Yummy.

So while in the restaurant you are greeted by a very manerable waiting staff. They take your order and delivers your food i a reasonable amout of time.

The aroma of the scampi as the waiter sets your plate down in front of you catches your sense of smell. You start to dig in. It’s great!

Just as advertised.

You finish up your meal and you decide to leave a nice tip for the staff.

You gather your things and head off into the sunset.

It’s safe to say that you were satisfied with the service.

But here’s something you need to understand about satisfied customers.

They don’t help your business grow.

So why don’t you want to have just satisfied customers?

It’s simple really when you think about it.

Satisfied customers will pay on time. Satisfied customers don’t complain to your boss. Satisfied customers don’t write bad reviews about your business.

In fact your biggest goal is probably to have satisfied customers.

But you need to understand this about those satisfied customers.

They are unlikely to radically increase sales because they usually don’t push your business to stay ahead of your competition.

One day your competition will pass you by and those satisfied customers will soon disappear.

So where will your business growth come from?

As it turns out, your business growth will come from dissatisfied and unsatisfied customers.

You see, dissatisfied and unsatisfied customers know they want a solution, but aren’t satisfied with the solution that they’ve got.

Once they get it, they’ll buy.

Let’s sum things up here.

Satisfied customers won’t lead to new growth for your business.

If you really want to see your numbers fly off the charts then you need to look in the middle of the market for unsatisfied and dissatisfied customers. They want solutions and will buy your products and services once they see you as being the one who can provide them with those solutions.

So as a business owner you don’t want to settle for those pesky satisfied customers and instead keep innovation as the face of your business.



  1. In our business, I always make sure to follow-up and keep in touch with everyone. However, as a consumer I’m always sure to tweet or talk to my friends about the business who connected with me as a human being and helped me with an issue personally. I will be sure to note of any unhappy customers in our business and make sure to stay in touch with them a bit more. We all just want to be connected to a great group of people both in and out of business. Thank you for the real-world example in your writing.

    1. Hi Dreamlife Moments,

      First off let me say thank you for your comment. I appreciate your input on this post.

      I’d like to also add that having satisfied customers is useful, no doubt about it.

      But if you want to see your business grow, you have to look for that group of people who are looking to buy, but they are not satisfied. They will tell you where you can make improvements and because of those improvements you can get their business.

      Satisfied customers on the other hand don’t give you any information on how you can improve…because they are satisfied. You’re service is great, love the customer service, etc. That’s good for maintaining status but sucks for growth.

      You hit on the head with the though of keeping in touch a little bit more.

      When you can become a part of your customers lives then watch how fast your business grows.

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