Do I need a Logo for my business when I’m first starting out?


This was the question I was asked the other day from a friend who was thinking about getting into a home based business.

Now as I thought back on how my own entrepreneurial adventures came about, one of the things that sticks out most was that at the beginning, I actually didn’t have a logo.

I only remember in one instance where I did have the logo at the beginning and that was for a transportation company that I started.

Other than that, every logo that I did develop came later on in the process.

Personally I don’t follow the rule that states that you need a logo at the start of your business nor am I a believer that loads of money is needed when you do finally develop a logo. To me the logo falls under the category of branding. I’ve had lots of sales and never once did anyone ever say to me that they bought a product or service just because of the logo I used. When you deliver a product or service that solves their most pressing problem, they could give a rats ass about what kind of logo you used. It only comes into play when once you have delivered your product or service that they will then associate your logo with your company if at all. Some of my customers couldn’t pick out my logo from my competition, yet they buy from me over and over.

When I do need a logo I’ve used a small company called and they have done a really great job with my logos.

Whenever you are just starting out as an entrepreneur your main focus should be on one task.

To just get going!

You don’t have to get everything right, but you do need to get going.

In fact one of my biggest mistakes that came about when I was just starting out was what I like to call “Paralysis By Analysis”

I literally was paralyzed through my constant need to analyze everything.

Too much of my time was spent on spot checking the tiniest things that had no real effect on whether or not the business would be successful.

Now, understand that you will need to do your own due diligence about whatever type of business you will be going into. I’m not in any way telling you not to do your research.

However, there will come a point whereby you will need stop with all of the paper chasing and put action behind your plan.

It’s only after you have some actual time in your business that you will be able to analyze the data that you get to see if the business has a chance of becoming sustainable.

At the beginning I simply had the name of my business written in a cool font and that was it. I don’t even remember the kind of font it was, but it did it’s job.

As the business began to grow, then I revisited the logo and changed it.


Because now I was making money and it could be justified.

So, to wrap things up here, my advice is that you can start off with something simple with the thought being that if the business starts to take off then you can always change or refresh it.

Your Turn.

What do you think about having a business logo at the start of your business. How critical is it to your success? I’d like to hear your thoughts.

photo credit: Silicon Prairie News via photopin cc


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