Entrepreneur jokes

10 of the funniest things you will hear about being an entrepreneur


I’m a fan of good humor. So I was doing a little surfing when I came across these jokes about being an entrepreneur.

Having been down this rode myself I can say from first hand experience that these statement have an air if truth to them. But don’t take my word for it. Look at them yourself and see if any if them apply to you.

Top ten ways you can tell if you are an entrepreneur:

1. Your wife always knows where you are.

2. You are the only one in the company that fears and hates pay day.

3. You have more than 365 days of “comp time” accumulated.

4. You limit your fluid intake so you can stay at your desk longer.

5. Your rich friends wince every time you catch their eye.

6. Your grandmother has come to know your elevator pitch by heart.

7. The keys on your telephone have all the numbers worn off.

8. When watching “Star Wars” you identify with the Trade Federation

9. Your kids can tell how the business is doing by whether you Supersize your big mac.

10. The Grim Reaper stops by and you fast talk him into 10 more years for 20,000 shares.

(These jokes were provided by Mark W. Lund)