Young Entrepreneurs

“Young Entrepreneur Builds a Multimillion Dollar Business…Has Yet To Reach The Age of Twenty Six”

Hey Folks,

Do you know of any young entrepreneurs who have built successful million dollar a year businesses? Chances are you probably don’t.

However, I found this video of Ravi Gehlot who is under 30, and already is running a million dollar a year business. He has some interesting insight into the mind of a young entrepreneur. Like should you go to a university for a degree in order to start your business, or why looking for a loan to start your business isn’t always the best answer.

You can check out his interview below.

What advice would you give to a you entrepreneur who was looking to build a successful startup business? Leave your comment below.


“A Young Entrepreneur To Watch”

What do you do when you’re 28 years old, you’re staying at home with your parents and you want to earn some extra cash?

Mowing the lawn is a bit out of the question.

But for one young entrepreneur named Micha Weinblatt, you don’t follow what everyone else is doing, instead you start a T-shirt business.

Although it’s nothing really fancy about starting a t-shirt business, if you have a unique angle and can zero in on a specific target market than you’ll stand a better chance at being successful.

Typically you’ll find that just selling t-shirts to adults can be a tricky business to get into. However the market for t-shirts is better served when you aim for college kids and high school aged kids. If I were to start this kind of business it would be aimed at those two markets. They would make up the bulk of the business.

Check out this video from one of the young entrepreneurs who is starting to make a name for himself and being recognized as someone you should watch.

Micha keeps his business simple for now by keeping it in his parents basement. Is there a way you can do something similar? Even if you’re not staying at home with your parents, how could you benefit from starting a business at home with low overhead and doesn’t require much space? Leave me a comment and let me know.