“Email Open Rates: Will This Be The Most Important Infographic You View Today?”

Hi folks,

There is a question that often will come along an entrepreneurs journey that if answered correctly, can bring him or her money beyond their own belief.

However, on the flip side of that question is that if it is answered wrong, it can lead to major frustration.

In case you are wondering what that question is, it’s “what are the best and worst times to send your email.”

I came across a infographic that takes a look at that question and gives you some helpful answers. This information appeared at I placed part of the article here to make it easier for you to read. You can find the rest of the article here.

The Best--and Worst--Times to Send An Email

Have you noticed different results from what was posted here in this info graphic? If you have, then I’d like to hear about them. Leave me a comment below.


“Market Disruption: Is This The Worlds Easiest Way To Enter Into a New Market?”

One of my favorite companies to track and watch is Apple.

It’s one of my favorite companies to watch not for the reason you might think though.

I mean, sure they have the iphone, the ipad, mac computers and a list of other products in their arsenal. And I happen to use an iphone and have good things to say abut the ipad.

But that’s not the reason I like them.

What makes me love Apple so much is for their ability to use market disruption as a tool. There isn’t another company out there that can use disruption in the ways that Apple does. They don’t back off a market just because that market has well established players. They come in an introduce products that take off and corner the market for their company and leaving their competitors left scratching their heads.

So what exactly is the disruption business model?

Before I can explain to you what exactly is the disruption business model, first you need to know about it’s distant cousin. Sustained innovations.

Sustained innovations are simply innovations that will improve a product or service so that it appeals to the most demanding customers. These can be rather small improvements or breakthroughs.

A disruption business model on the other hand is one that’s aimed at serving a market of new or less demanding customers with a product that may very well be inferior, but is much more simpler to use.

But how can you use the disruption business model against your competition?

I looked at the disruption business model and I’ve rounded up three questions that you must answer if you want use and leverage disruption in your market. These questions come courtesy of Zack Urlocker from

— Is there a large population of people who historically have not had the money, equipment or skill to do this thing for themselves?
— Are there customers at the low end of the market who would be happy to purchase a product with less (but good enough) performance if they could get it at a lower price?
— Is the innovation disruptive to all of the significant incumbents in the industry?

By answering these three questions, you’ll come up with ways to introduce a disruptive product or service into your market.

Let’s sum things up here.

You learned that the disruption business model has a distant cousin called sustained innovation. That business model is aimed at the most demanding of customers. However the opposite of that business model is what’s called the disruption business model. And it’s aimed at less demanding customers who want more simpler ease of use.

How could you use the disruption business model as a way to beat out your competition? Leave me a comment below.

“The Second Graders Guide To finding Out What Your Customers Really Want To Buy”

Have you ever paid attention to a second grader?

Maybe you don’t have kids, and if that’s the case…take a few moments out of your day to watch a couple of second graders.

When you do that you’ll notice something very interesting and it can actually be used as a marketing lesson for your business.

Within just a few minutes of watching them you’ll notice that they are very efficient at doing one thing, and doing one thing well.

So what do second graders do well that business owners don’t?

To put it simply…they ask questions. Lot’s of them!

As business owners, you have a tendency to stop asking questions of your market. That move can actually hurt your business when you think about it.

You want to develop a relationship with your customers right? You want them to see you as the person who can provide them with solutions to their problems right?

You have friends that you talk to on a regular basis. Now how many times have you asked your friends questions to find out how they were doing…

So wouldn’t doing the same for your customers help you strengthen the relationship between you and them?

Here’s what you can do next

If you have a customer list, then ask them for their opinion. Don’t make it too complicated. Just tell them that you are considering offering a new product or service and would like to know what they think about it. Offer them a small bribe for doing so, and your done.

The reason for the bribe is because if you think that you’re going to get people to stop and take time out of their day to just give you their opinion, you’re fooling yourself. No one is sitting at home waiting for you to ask them their opinion. It’s just how it is.

What to do if you don’t have a customer list already?

If this is the case with you, then don’t sweat it. You can still do the same thing. Tell people you are thinking about, considering or whatever word you choose…

Tell them that you have this product or service and you are not sure if it’s exactly what they want, and to find out if they would like it, you would like their opinion.

This works, whether you have a list or not, the idea is the same. You are only seeking their opinions. Real easy peasy stuff.

So let’s sum things up here.

You learned that second graders are really really good at doing one thing well. And that one thing is asking questions. You can take this same attitude in your business today and begin asking your customers questions. Ask your customers their opinions about what it is you have to offer. Offer them a small bribe for their time and opinion. It’s not hard.

“The Three Wallet Fattening Ideas I learned From Apple”

Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

I’m sure that if you’re reading this, then there is a good chance that you will have heard of a company called apple.

Just in case you haven’t though, I’ll just say that three of their most popular products are the ipad, the macbook, and the iphone.

I know they have other products like the touch and so on, but these are the three that I will focus on for now.

After becoming a fan of apple, it got me to thinking about how did I go from not even liking them, to shelling out big money to won their products.

Well, here’s what I learned

Apple does three things better than any other company does or is doing right now.

Those three things are:

1. Simplicity

I can’t even begin to go into detail about apple without first saying something about how apple uses simplicity as a marketing tool.

My first exposure to apples products came with the ipod. While I already owned a mp3 player, it was a bit confusing to work all of the features that came with it. Sometimes I would forget how to work tose features and would be stuck going back to the instruction manual to figure it out.

What apple did with it’s ipod and has continued to do with all of it’s products is that they made the ipod simple. One central button. Geesh, that made thins so easier. I didn’t have to know what each and every buttons funtion was for, just one.

In your business, think about how can you make things simple or simpler for you customer. In every market there exists a set of customers who don’t want things to be complicated. They want simplicity. HOw can you cater what you offer to feed this market? Once you have them they will become your most vocal followers.

2. Think Different

When you think different today in our society, you’re often label as being an outsider. This can actually be a good thing. Apple took this and turned it into a positive for their company. By thinking differently you’ll often come across far more winning ideas then you will ideas with no meat behind them. What made the ipod and the iphone such a smash hit was that they both were different. The iphone offered touch screens that used little apps that connected you to their app store. Their ipod gave you access to your entire music library with just one touch of the button. At the time for both of these device’s, there wasn’t anyone offering what apple was offering. Being different projects a feeling. That feeling carries over and becomes associated with your product or service.

How can you embrace being different? How can you communicate this to your market? How can you zig when your competition zags?

3. Life enhancing products and not just simple gadgets

This is one of the big differences between apple and its competitors. Apple products are seen as items that make their users lives better than if they didn’t have their devices. With the ipad you can close more sales. With the iphone you have access to more apps that can possibly make your life easier. When you are purchasing an apple product you get the feeling that you’re unwrapping a christmas present and not just some gadget that will be sitting on the shelf two months from now.

In which ways can you turn your product or service into a life enhancing experience?

So let’s wrap things up here.

Today you learned not one, but three different things that you can take from how apples woo’s it’s customers and turns them into raving fans. Those things were 1. simplicity, 2. think differently, 3. Life enhancing products. When you include these three items in your planning and marketing process then you will establish a much better connection with your customers.

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“Sexy Headlines in 9 Seconds”


Headlines! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever wanted to crank out attention grabbing headlines like the pro’s?

How much easier would your life be if you knew that you had the power to  create headlines that would make your readers become filled with curiosity…

Well that my plan that I have for you today.

Here’s how you’re gonna do it

One of my secrets for producing curiosity provoking headlines comes from something outside of myself.

No, I don’t mean that you need to have an out of body experience in order to do this. Far from it.

But what you will need to be able to do is to type in a website address and do a little reading.

That’s not to hard is it?

How to tap into the mind of multi million dollar copywriters for free

You’ve probably seen the covers of magazines like Cosmo, Vanity Fair, Vogue etc…in the grocery isles while you’re checking out.

Did you know that the copywriting geniuses behind those headlines on the cover get paid millions of dollars to create them? They are the some the highest paid copywriters in the industry.

They sort through piles and piles of potential winning headlines to find the ones that they think will grab your attention. They spend a lot of time looking for winners. And that’s because millions of dollars are depending on those headlines.

So how do you create sexy headlines in 9 seconds?

That was what I wanted to do, to create headlines that would literally hit you over the head to get your attention and to do it as fast as possible, preferably 9 seconds.

How did I do it?

By heading on over to a little known website called

What I love about this site is that it puts all of the work of those multi million dollar copywriters right at your finger tips. They have all of the magazines that you would find in the stores located on one site. All you have to do is click on a magazine and up pops the cover. Remember, that’s where most of the attention is placed by copywriters.  Now you have thousands of examples of headlines that have made it through the gauntlet. You can swipe them for your own business.

But that’s not the only good thing about this site.

When you click on a magazine cover, you not only get the current issue’s cover, you also get the previous three covers as well. So you have tons of headlines you can swipe. You can basically go to bed the night before without a headline, wake up the next morning, roll out of bed, head over to the site and come up with a sexy headline.. That’s what I do. That’s how I came up with the headline for this post. It took me nine seconds.

Let’s sum things up here.

For you to create sexy headlines in nine seconds, you only need to take advantage of the multi-million dollar headlines that are being used already over at and swipe one of the winners.

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“Televangelists and The Art of Teaching: What You really Need to Know”

English: Joel Osteen at Lakewood Church, Houst...

English: Joel Osteen at Lakewood Church, Houston, Texas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Have you ever had the chance to wake up on a sunday morning when it’s bright and early, and turn on your t.v. to see what’s on.

When you flip through the channels and you hit the local stations, chances are you will see someone preaching the words of the bible right on your t.v. screen.

If you have seen them then what you have seen is your sunday morning televangelist.

But here;s what I find very interesting about them.

They teach you about the bible which is a book that they themselves aren’t the author of.

The reason I find that interesting is because the concept of what they are doing can be used by you.

No, I don’t mean that you become a televangelist..

Instead use the concept of teaching to create your own business.

So how can you use this concept to create your own business?

It’s a rather simple idea to grasp.

All you have to do to make this work is to pick out a book that solves a problem for a particular group of people. It has to have a definite system that your followers can solve. Years ago I used the book “As a MAn Thinketh”

The book basically taught you how to take control of your thoughts and make changes in your life.

I taught one lesson a week. The lesson included areas that I thought was important and I showed them how they could incorporate the teachings in their life that very same day.

From there you yourself  have to read it and have a working understanding about what’s inside.

Next you want to tell people that you will be teaching a class based on the book that you have read and that you will walk them through it.

What do they get when they sign up for your program?

They will get a copy of the book and you can set it up where you will teach a class once a week. To make that part work you can simply contact the author of the book and work out a deal where you can purchase the book in volume. Make a sweetheart offer to them whereby you will be giving them even greater exposure for their book.

Another option would be to have them use their own copy. If you do choose to go that route then you will have to make sure it’s the same version as yours as some books have different versions.

The last theing you want to do is to have a room full of people who have different books.

Churches and schools always give everyone the same books to learn from so everyone will be on the same page.

Create a sign up list.

Have them pay ahead of time and you’re done.

Does this concept sound familiar?

Of course it does. The very same concept is used in the school system as well.

The teachers in the classroom teach the students from books that they themselves have not written. they develop curriculum based on the book and teach that to the students.

Students are enrolled ahead of time so that the teacher will know how many students will be in the class.

you can do the same thing

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“Is This The Best Book on Creating Top Notch Blog Posts Ever?


Ok, calling this the best book ever on the subject of blogging might be stretching it a bit. I do have to admit that I’ve only read 35 books on the topics of blogging online.

Now in the online world that might be a small number, however it happens to be more than most people have read on the subject.

So why isn’t this book considered one of the worst books on blogging ever?

Well what would make a book on blogging a bad book.

Seems to me that a bad book on blogging wouldn’t really offer you any real value. Chapter after chapter would only give you information that could be found easily online. No real details on what you could do right now to see improvements in your blog. No real creativity in it’s ideas. No real ummmph. 10 ideas here, 10 ideas there and your done. Not a real winner. And no real feeling of being connected to the information.

But here’s something I did notice though…

This book doesn’t leave you feeling disconnected

It only took me breezing through the first chapter to see just how valuable this book would be to blogging. I used what was just in the first chapter alone to create several breakthrough posts on this blog. Right now when I’m looking for an idea to use for writing a blog post I just flip through the chapters and wapow! There is a new idea for a blog post. I mean, how often do you get ideas for how you can get A-List bloggers to pay attention to you, and they actually work!

You don’t come off looking spammy when you use the ideas presented in this book.

That’s a real turn off to your readers. When you just throw information out there. Using a shot gun approach, you hope that something sticks and hits your target. That doesn’t make for good blogging and better blogging methods are what you are looking for right?

So you’re probably wondering what is the title of this book…

It goes by the name of 100 shareable article ideas by Tania Dakkar.

She’s not only got some great ideas for your blog to explode with new traffic, she also has a pretty cool blog as well.

You can find it here.