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“How To Meditate: 4 Free Meditation Tips To Boost Your Bliss”

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Do you know that one of the major problems that entrepreneurs will face over the course of trying to build not only a profitable, but successful business is a mountain load of stress. It usually comes in two forms. Physical and mental. Both of these can stop you dead in your tracks if your not careful on how you deal with it.

So the question then becomes, how do you deal with the stress that comes with being an entrepreneur?

The most simplest answer is meditation.

I want you to meet someone who specializes in helping you to find your bliss and stopping stress from cutting your entrepreneur days short. Her name is Mahogany and she will be providing you with some of her insightful advice. Enjoy!


This post is by Mahogany

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How to Meditate


Meditation and I have an off and on again relationship. We do not see eye to eye or agree with one another sometimes. But we know we are both meant to be and eventually as always, all things work themselves out in the end. It has been a rocky relationship, but well worth the pain. So, in saying that, I have a 10 second Meditation remedy for the on the go person, like myself. But first I want to share some perks of meditation:


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  1. It’s good for your body/or heath, I do not have to cite any particular source just Google it. You will find many ways in which it helps your organs, your mind, and even your relationships.
  2. It connects you to the source. Meditation is the key to connect to a higher guidance. Tapping into complete stillness is the best way to allow the spirit to flow through you.
  3. It also helps with the mind. Think of it this way, we are on this path called life and we need to make sure our engines (our mind) has the tools it needs to drive. We may swerve to the left and right at times, meditation can help steer us back on the road, making it much clearer to follow.

So, meditation is good for the Body, Spirit and Mind, it allows us to break free and become our divine selves. You are probably wondering, how does this help an entrepreneur? Or the everyday person? How does this help you? Have you ever had a creative mind block, had a difficult conversation with a partner, feel like your new ideas are never going to work? Did you ever have a friend who just didn’t understand you? I could go on, but the point is, in challenging times we need to turn inwards to our inner connection to the source. You need to get on the silent train. Being silent and still allows you to refocus, it gives you time to truly reflect on issues or difficult situations. If you are like me, it is difficult to fit time in to meditate, right? Wrong. So, I have created a 10 second meditation practice fit for anyone:

  1. Inhale two counts breathe through your nose, Exhale two counts let your breath slowly come through your mouth repeat. (4 seconds)
  2. Concentrate on your breathing, or a prayer, or mantra. This will give you a focal point when your mind wanders. (4 seconds)
  3. Listen to your thoughts; be still and committed to this. Be open to whatever the universe wants to speak to you about. This can also be a time where you can ask questions. (2 seconds)
  4. DONE! Repeat this process as many times as you need to.

This will bring you back to a more positive mindset. The great thing is you can do this just about anywhere: at your desk, in the bathroom, on the bus, sitting on a park bench, lying in bed. Think of it this way everything we think and do is meditation, so we must train our minds to think more positively and to react more positively in difficult situations, practicing meditation can help us do this.


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