“Can Your Headlines Pass The Breath Test?”

What exactly is the headline breath test?

Imagine that you wanted to write a headline for your product or service and you sat down at your desk to put together it’s structure.

You start cranking out headline after headline and before long you’ve got yourself a pile of 25 headlines.

After spending an hour or so going over what you’ve come up with, you finally decide on a winner.

And the length of your winner is built on 15 words.

Not bad right?

Or is it…

The breath test can let you know if you’ve got a real winner.

Basically the breath test is this.

You write a headline that your reader can read and say to themselves in one breath.

Why does the breath test work?

It works basically on the fact that when your reader can read and recite your headline all in one breath then your reader can get the idea all in one complete thought.

If your reader has to take an additional breath while reading your headline, then it breaks up the thought which leaves your reader unable to put together your idea in their mind.

How do you write longer headlines without falling victim to the breath test?

There is a way to still create longer headlines and still continue to take advantage of the breath test.

To do that you can use the simple writers tool.

It’s called punctuation.

Here’s an example.

“Can your headlines past the breath test, 3 ways to find out”

“Can your headlines past the breath test– 3 ways to find out”

“Can your headlines past the breath test… 3 ways to find out”

I just made that up of course.

But you can see how simply adding punctuation allows your reader to breathe and continue on without interrupting their train of thought.

So there you have it.

Give your headlines the breath test to see more clickthroughs.


How to Turn Your Copywriting Skills into a Money Magnet

Is there a way to turn your copywriting skills into a money magnetizer?

Think about that question for a second..or two…

Most people know how to string words together in such a way that what comes out afterward is something that makes since to them logically.

So to think about it, writing (like I’m doing here) really isn’t that hard.

I mean if you’ve made it out of high school, then you have the basic understanding of using words combined with a little logic in order to get your point across to other people.

But what if you could transfer that basic understanding into a career?

This is where the rubber meets the road so to speak.

You see even though you might have the basic understanding of how to string together sentences and thoughts…the real money making opportunities come in when you know how to attach to those skills another ability to pitch products with those words as well.

Now I really shouldn’t say pitch, it might give you the wrong impression because I’m really not a fan of selling.

How about I just say attract.

That sounds better.

Attraction is more about creating content that educates as well as informs and allows the reader to come to their own conclusion as to whether or not they want what it is you’re offering.

So how do you transfer your current writing skills into a money magnetizer?

Isn’t that what you really want to know?

That’s the burning question.

So how about I answer that for you.

One of the easiest ways to learn how to turn your writing skills into a money magnetizer is to first have some solid samples of copywriting that has done what you want to do.

Once you have those samples.

You’ll want to examine them like a doctor examines his patients.

Notice how the put together their headlines. Was it pact with emotions? What words did they use?

Take a look at how they start the ad off. What kind of lead are they using?

Write the ad out. Then re-write the ad, but this time make changes to it. Don’t worry about making any mistakes here. You’re priming your mind.

Pay attention to the offer itself. What are they offering? A free trial…free shipping…etc.

Read the ad out loud. Record it. Play it back to yourself.

What you’re doing is consuming the info in many different forms.

Why do you want to do that?

Because your mind doesn’t learn just by reading. It needs more stimulation from different forms.

But where can you find these kinds of ads?

Now here is where I would suggest to you that you check out

You’ll find tons of ads that have pulled in loads of cash for the advertisers.

It’s a great starting point and I’ve used it many times in the past and I still do.

There are all kinds of ads there for you to learn to use as money magnet examples.

But what about if you want to see just the ads that have made over a Billion dollars?

Now, reviewing the website I mentioned is a good idea to get your juices flowing, at some point you will want more.

You’ll want to see the real heavy hitters that have earned the right to be considered part of the billion dollar ad group.

For that…you need what I would call a helping hand from a different source.

Go here to see the 100 Money Blueprints