What is marketing?

That’s a diabolical question isn’t it?


Because it seems like such a simple question to answer.

And yet it’s one of the most misunderstood questions that you will ever come across.

So before I give you the answer, I’ll first tell you what marketing is not.

– marketing is not buy one get one free
– marketing is not having a discount sale
– marketing is not having a Facebook page
– marketing is not having a website
– marketing is not about referring a friend
– marketing isn’t about selling anything at all

Kinda sucks doesn’t it..once you’ve found out that you’ve had the hood pulled over your eyes.

For so long..you’ve been duped into thinking that marketing included some of those things I mentioned.

Now..if those items I mentioned aren’t marketing, then what is marketing then oh wise one.

I’m glad you asked grasshopper.

To put it very simply…

Marketing is about creating an environment whereby people sell themselves”

Advertising sells.

Marketing tickles your fancy.

You don’t know when marketing hits you over the head when it’s done right.

Marketing is “hey, I just bought the new blue ray dvd for Thor, didn’t know that the wife bought one as well, here you can have it…it’s on the house”

Marketing is “I’m gonna stay in and catch some Sherlock Holmes, here are the keys to the bently, have a good time..my treat”

Marketing is when someone buys your book from amazon and you turn around and send them 2 of your audio recordings just because you wanted to.

Marketing is when someone has been a member of your subscription website and you send them a quick note that says no need to pay this month. It’s on me. Buy yourself a beer or grab a pizza for the kids.

Marketing is when you etch yourself so deep into the mind of a person so that they say to themselves, “hey this guy has himself together. I wonder how does he do it. Hey show me more of what you do.”

You see..

Marketing is about treating the people who buy products and services from you as if they are a close friend who is under your care.

You don’t put a dollar bounty on their heads.

Ever notice how apple iPhone and iPad commercials don’t sell their products.

They don’t you know.

They market both products and the apple store sells. The online catalog sells.

Apple markets. It creates an environment where you say you want to join in. Then you sell yourself on owning one of their devices.

Then bingo!

You’re off to Verizon to pick up one of their devices.

How smooth…

How noble of them

Strength and Honor


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