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Guest Post For The Profitable Entrepreneur.

Are you interested in writing a guest post for us?

I accept high quality guest posts that help my audience learn about a how to become a successful entrepreneur.

Your post should provide a unique or compelling point of view, or describe a new tool or technology. In exchange, you get exposure to the profitable entrepreneur audience, both on the blog and in social media (as I will share your post broadly).  You also get a byline including a description of your company or program. NO Links to adult websites or racially charged content.

Posts That Work Well:

  • How-to posts
  • High quality list posts (e.g. best tools for doing a certain thing)
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Tools and Technology posts
  • Case studies or examples
  • Infographics
  • Video posts


  1. Hello I am interested in posting something on Meditation. Its Meditation in 10 seconds.
    Meditation is key for entrepreneurs, as you need to find calmness and peace when things become challenging. Let me know what information you need from me. All the best.

      1. Thank you for the quick response, I really appreciate it. I love your blog and I am definitely interested in writing a post. I am in the process of working on it 🙂
        Again Thank you and we will be in touch.
        All the best,

      2. Good Morning Mahogany,

        Let me just say that you are most certainly welcome for my quick response. I do try to get to my messages as quickly as possible and respond in a timely manner. Now when I become a superstar..it might take a little longer…lol

        Also, I love your creativity with your blog. It’s very inspirational and very well thought out. Love that! I’m a fan so definitely keep up the good work. I think you are a shooting star ready to go as far as you want to go.

        Now, understand this about me Mahogany. As much as I can say that there are things that I want to accomplish in this here life, none of them will be attainable until I make what I want for myself, something that I want for you as well, and for those who I come in contact with. I want success for you, and for you to accomplish your goals. Why? Because that’s what I want for myself. I call it my principles of doership. (I know that isn’t a real word, but it just sounds so cool..lol) Everything that I want for myself, I first will want for you. Love the feeling that comes with being able to say that.

        And lastly..just to wrap things up here, I’m looking forward to seeing your post going up on my blog.

        We’ll keep in touch..



      3. Hello Mahogany,

        Thanks for putting together the blog post. Looks good.

        Generally you can just send the post’s to me by email. Or you could possibly send it as an attachment. Or even do it as you did, by posting it online.

        I’ll post it probably tomorrow. I’ll let you know when I do.

        Also, I’ll possibly add a few more words to the headline. Just to spice it up a bit and make it more to Google’s liking.

        Thanks again.


      4. Hello Mahogany,

        I actually pulled your post from your website, so you don’t have to send it over again.

        The email that you can use is

        Also I read your post, it looks good. Great job!

        Looking forward to seeing more of your work in the future.



  2. Keir, I’m interested in writing a few guest posts for your site.. got one ready – about beginning a freelancing career. Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll forward a copy to your inbox 😉

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