If you’ve ever wrote blog posts for your blog for any length of time then you know that one of the hardest things to do is to keep producing quality content. After a few short months you could be possibly looking at burnout on your topic.

Well one of the ways that the pro’s deal with this situation is that they don’t write all of the content themselves. Have you ever noticed that about money making blogs?

You’ll often see guest posts as well, but most of the time the content will be written by someone other than the blog owner.

If you want to make creating content much easier for yourself as well as generating organic traffic for your blog than you will need to have tons of relevant content. You can find that kind of content from (Note: I currently use and I’m also an affiliate for their services)


Unlock Your City

This site helps you learn how to start up a business in three days. It’s pretty cool concept.

Helps entrepreneurs, business developers, and software engineers just like you to quickly create, innovate, and grow high tech startups. We’ll give you the tools, knowledge and connections to go From Zero to Startup!

Leanstartupcircle – This is a google group that focuses on applying lean startup thinking to leadership. – Ever heard of a startup and user experience coach in a  box? That’s what this site offers. – Are you a female entrepreneur and you are looking for like minded women to help you? This is the site that can help you. – Use this site to meet up with other like minded individuals in your are. Great little resource.

Find a Co-Founder – So you’ve tried to build your business by yourself, and so far you haven’t had much luck. Enter the cofounderslab. It’s what happens when you cross a dating site idea with entrepreneurs. The site matches you up with other entrepreneurs who can help you build your business. Or you can join in with a new startup. It’s up to you. – Ok, don’t let the name fool you. This is not a dating site. It’s a spin on the dating site theme. Here you will meet up with other entrepreneurs and co-founders and share ideas. – This site is actually quite interesting. For me to try and put it into words is kind of tricky. So I’ll give you what they say about their site ”

  1. Tell us who you are and we’ll tailor our entire network for you.
  2. Use our filter to drill down on what’s relevant to your mission.
  3. Stack people, startups, competitions, or groups you don’t want to lose.
  4. Send a message to the star co-founder or investor you know you need to talk to. – You can list your talents and have other startups contact you to help them or join in with them. It’s in beta now. But if you are looking to list your talents on site and meet new startup businesses, this might be the place for you. – An online directory of developers interested in launching a new startup. – An invite only site. It’s tough to get accepted here, but if you can, the possibilities are endless on what you will be able to accomplish with the hookups you will receive. – Pretty much what this is…is a social networking site for small businesses. You can ask and answer questions, find resources, advertise to the community and other things that can possibly be of benefit to your business.


Business Model Generation

Businessmodelgeneration – PDF that covers the subject of how you create a business model. It’s 72 pages. You won’t be able to grasp everything he reveals here, so plan on reading it at least twice.


Website Domain Names – Check to see if your domain name or brand name


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