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“I Felt Silly Selling Mobile Marketing Services To Small Business Owners?”

Why is selling mobile marketing services to small business owners so hard?

Well, first off you have to understand that there is a disconnect with small business owners when it comes to mobile marketing.

Most small business owners don’t see the value of mobile marketing. With so many day to day items to be concerned about, mobile marketing just doesn’t pop on their radar.

The biggest mistake people make when selling mobile marketing

This by far is the biggest mistake that I see made when selling mobile marketing to small businesses…and that is the mistake of results.

Small business owners are generally stressed out. They have a lot of things going on so what they don’t need is you coming to them to offer themĀ  something else to add to their already large list of things to do.

What they want is bottom line results.

You have to show them how their business will be better then their competition because of mobile marketing

What they want is to know how that mobile marketing service will translate into new customers and new dollars coming through to their business.

Way to often I see marketers pitching their technology and how they have the latest thing-a-ma-bob.

They don’t care about your new technology.

What they do care about is what works

One experiment I did that got a small business owner jumping for joy to use mobile marketing was to set up a campaign and delivered results right there on the spot.

See one of the secrets that top salesman know about selling is the power of demonstration. I showed the business owner how I could supply fresh leads to them on a regular basis through mobile marketing…and it worked.

I used two services that I could use to generate leads and simply diverted the leads to that customer.

If you want to know about the two lead generation companies I used then leave me a comment on this post.


“How To Generate Leads… and Attract New Customers with Video Marketing”

What exactly is video marketing?

In it’s most simplest form, video marketing is merely the act of putting your sales message on video and using that video to present your sales pitch to your market.

However, as simple as that may sound, you first have to have someone to show that video to. That’s called your lead.

So part of your marketing strategy has to involve generating a qualified lead.

How do you generate leads for your business?

This is the $64,000 dollar question that trips up most people. And although this is too large of a question to try to answer here in this post, I will give you an inside look at one of the methods I’ve used over and over to generate leads that I could show my video marketing message to.

This method uses simple networking in face to face situations. I like using it because it relies on the use of the business card or should I say the lack of a business card.

Here’s how I did it.

As a business owner, I would seek out and find my local chamber of commerce. You can do the same. Every city has some form of a chamber of commerce. I signed up and became a member. You might want to see how much it will cost to become a member. Some fee’s are rather high and others are rather low. You’ll have to find out that info and make a decision.

Once you become a member, they generally have meeting whereby you can meet with other members of the chamber and introduce yourself.

What I would do was as I introduced myself, there would normally be an opportunity to present my business card to the person I was talking to. And somehow..magically I would have lost my business card and would instead…ask for their email address.

Why would you want to say you don’t have a business card?

Because a business card doesn’t present a good opportunity for you to get them to view your video. When they receive your card and by the time they get to a computer or laptop to view your video, too much time has passed and they often forget.

Compare that to when they receive your email and open it up, they are in a position to view your email immediately.

Within that email I give them the video link.

Real simple.

So let’s recap here for a bit.

1. Join your local chamber of commerce

2. Attend your local meetings.

3. When asked for your card, instead ask them for their email.

4. Send them your video marketing message.