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“Elevator Pitches: 4 Big Ideas For Pitching Your Product or Service”

Hi folks,

Ok, let me ask you a quick question.

Do you have a good elevator speech?

If you met a potential business partner who showed interest in working with you. Would you know how to pitch them of what it is exactly that you do?

Don’t worry if you’re still a little rusty when it comes to the whole developing your elevator speech.  I came across this short video that will show you how to put one together. It’s from American express open, and has some good elevator pitch examples of how you should structure your pitch. At around the 56 second mark of the video they start to give you examples so make sure you’re paying close attention.

Was the information in this video helpful to you? Were you able to build your elevator pitch from the material in this video? I’m interested in hearing what you think. Leave me a comment below.


“Propel Your Business Forward – Starting Today…Using Elevator Pitches”

Hi Folks,

Recently I came across this video that was about creating your elevator speech. It’s only just a bit over six minutes long.

But…and this is a big but, he reveals a couple of simple, and yet very effective ways to stop saying the word ummmm when you’re giving your elevator speech. Often when you’re giving an elevator speech, your mind can wonder off on you and to fill the void you will use the word ummmm. Well, as it turns out, using that word can make you look like you’re not prepared or even worse…like you don’t know what you’re talking about.

In this video national elevator speech champion, (yea, there is such a thing) Chris Westfall walks you through a few tactics he’s used and taught for getting rid of your ummmm’s. Make sure you pay attention to what he says about using a picture in your mind for stopping yourself from using that word..ummmmm. I liked that particular tactic and it makes sense.

Was this video helpful to you? Were you able to create better elevator pitches fro what you watched here? Leave me a comment below.