Where can I get a grant to start my business?

grant money

Have you ever wanted to know if you could get a grant from the government to start your own business?

Wouldn’t that just be awesome…

It’s like getting FREE money to do with as you please.

Now for a real dose of reality.

Although grants are certainly possible for a numerous amount of great causes, none of those causes are for helping you start your business.

Typically what you will find when it comes to getting a grant is that they are usually for non-profit types of businesses that have a very specific purpose and will most often have a list of requirements that have to be met before the grant is given.

They are usually never given to individuals who want to do their own startup and who most definitely who do not have a track record of success.

And yes, I do know that there are info-mercials and books that try to lure you in with the thought that you can get a grant for whatever business you might choose, however the fact of the matter is that what these guys are doing is zeroing in on you being desperate. The desperate mind will often toss out logic when an idea is presented to you.

Where the rational mind will be more likely to use logic to rule out the idea.

Now there are situations where getting a grant for your business is certainly possible.

I know…just a few moments ago I said that it wasn’t possible. But read on to find out how.

And that is if your business is a non-profit type or one of the ideas that the government has listed as being one where they will issue a grant.

Besides those that I just mentioned, getting a grant for your business is less likely to happen.

If you are really strapped for cash at the start then I would recommend that you look at different alternatives. One being crowdsourcing.

Now there is a good chance that you may have heard of the site They are one of the leading crowdsourcing sites in the business.

However, I prefer the site


Well they have a simple quirk in their system. And because of that quirk your dream of running your own business can become true.

What’s the quirk you ask?

How about an example.

Let’s say that you want to start your own clothing business.

And you’ve determined that you will need let’s say $5000 smackers to get you going.

Where if you were using kickstarter and you began to raise funds for your goal. If you came up short, then you don’t receive anything. It’s back to the drawing board.

Now compare that to indiegogo.

For the same campaign if you came up short. whatever the amount that you were able to raise you would actually get to keep and use towards building your business.

Much, much different.


Your turn:

What do you think about grants? do you run a non-profit business? If so, how do you deal with grants.

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“Find Out How Physics and Newton’s Law Can Actually Make You a Much Better Marketer…”

Cover of "Where Good Ideas Come From: The...

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What makes up a good entrepreneur?

Actually I think what makes up a good entrepreneur is what I like to call the puppy effect.

Have you ever watched a puppy?

If you have then you know that everything that comes into the puppy’s world becomes something that he needs to investigate. A ball rolls in front of him and it becomes, “hey what’s that…it’s rolling…how does that happen?..can I make it roll?”

It’s a natural state of curiosity.

You can become curious like the puppy.

I don’t mean you will start chasing balls and wondering what it is…far from that.

But what you can do is to suspend your judgement on new ideas and new ways of doing things in your business.

And one of the best ways you can start doing that is to start by learning from others who have done what you want to do and left little breadcrumbs for you to follow.

I’ve put together 3  videos for you that covers being an entrepreneur.

It took me a little while to sort through the other video’s and pick out these 3 that I thought would be useful to you.

Steven Johnson on where good ideas come from

Have ever you wondered where good Ideas come from? Do they come from sort of eureka moment? Steve Johnson doesn’t think so and shows you how history actually backs this up.

Cameron Herold: Let’s raise our kids to be entrepreneurs.

What cameron is talking about here is something I agree with 100%. Why don’t parents raise their kids to become entrepreneurs? In doing so you would be giving your children a much better chance at being successful in life.

Dan Cobley: What Physics Taught Me About Marketing

Who would have thought that back in high school physics class that while you might have thought about how will this stuff be useful later in your life, as it tuns out it can help you with marketing. Find out how newtons law can be used in your marketing.  And as you might already know, I’m not a big fan of using surveys because what people will say on your survey and what they will actually do in real life are two different things. You’ll see how physics can help explain why they do that.

What did you think of the video’s?

Post your comment below.

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“Can 85% of Your Online Marketing Problems Be Solved Using These Six Words”

Back in the late 80’s there used to be this book that had a remarkable success rate for solving the majority of the problems that you would face.

From where to take your clothes for the best dry cleaning to who you should call to get you septic system cleaned by a pro.

You could even find these nifty books in local businesses and could access to them for free.

This book solved most of the problems you would face in your home

Do you have an idea as to which book I migh be referring to?.

The book that I’m referring to is the yellow pages.

Now let me ask you this…

Did you know that there are six simple words that will solve 85% of your marketing problems just like the yellow pages solved most of America’s problems in the 80’s

Before I give you those words,  let’s do a bit of exploring  here.

What kind of things you ask?

How about things like what causes most of your marketing problems in the first place?

Most of your marketing problems are caused by a lack of a proven system. You don’t know what exactly to do
so that you can see an increase in profits from your work.

Questions like what do you put in your ads, what do you test in those ads, or how do I fix broken ads.

Even things like where do you place your ads, or how do you make irresitable offers etc.

These all contribute to your marketing problems.

But when you think about it, marketing comes down to six little words.

I’ll give them to you in just a bit.

But first, more learning. Stick with me here.

There is another question I want to look at with you that needs to be answered.

And that question is…

Why can’t those marketing problems be solved?

To put it simply, it’s because of what I like to call the curious case of the monkey mind.

Let me explain.

Have you ever watched a monkey?

If you have then what you’ll see is that a monkey has a very short attention span.

One minute it can be playing with a banana, and then the next it’s leaping from branch to branch.

Then he will be running around patting himself on the chest.

He just bounces around from one thing to the next.

Well think of the reason why most people can’t solve their marketing problems is because they have monkey mind.

See, when it comes to trying to solve your marketing problems, there are tons and tons of information
you can find out there available that promises to solve your problem.

So what happens is you’ll buy one of these products and give it a whirl.

After a little time goes buy you find that it just isn’t quite working.

Then you’ll hop to next product that makes a big promise of instant relief.

Once again, you’ll give it a try. You’ll see some results, but not the kind like was promised.

And now it’s off you go looking for another product to try.

It’s the monkey mind acting up.

Now I want to give you the solution to the monkey mind and the six words that will solve 85% of your marketing problems.

What words could have the power to solve one of the most common issues that businesses have today.

Well, it’s simply this.

To solve most of your marketing problems you only need to “sell stuff  people want to buy”

That’s it.

Most businesses go out and try to market products and services that most people DON’T want to buy.

They have this great idea for a product or service.

And they seek the opinions of those who are closet to them, which is never a good idea…but I digress.

So they get the encouragement from these close friends and family or from the marketing department.

A couple of surveys are done, and here comes a new product or service.

Doing things that way never leads to any long lasting sales.

If you really want to solve your marketing problems then you need to start marketing products and services that people
are already buying or things that they want to buy.

You need to offer your market products and services that they already desire, and not try to create desire for those products and services yourself.

This is what will solve 85% of your marketing problems.

When you sell products or services that your market already wants to buy or are currently buying, then you will get rid of most of your marketing headaches.

You should never look to create desire in a market. The desire should already be there. Then it simply becomes a matter of directing that already existing desire to your product.

“I Felt Silly Selling Mobile Marketing Services To Small Business Owners?”

Why is selling mobile marketing services to small business owners so hard?

Well, first off you have to understand that there is a disconnect with small business owners when it comes to mobile marketing.

Most small business owners don’t see the value of mobile marketing. With so many day to day items to be concerned about, mobile marketing just doesn’t pop on their radar.

The biggest mistake people make when selling mobile marketing

This by far is the biggest mistake that I see made when selling mobile marketing to small businesses…and that is the mistake of results.

Small business owners are generally stressed out. They have a lot of things going on so what they don’t need is you coming to them to offer them  something else to add to their already large list of things to do.

What they want is bottom line results.

You have to show them how their business will be better then their competition because of mobile marketing

What they want is to know how that mobile marketing service will translate into new customers and new dollars coming through to their business.

Way to often I see marketers pitching their technology and how they have the latest thing-a-ma-bob.

They don’t care about your new technology.

What they do care about is what works

One experiment I did that got a small business owner jumping for joy to use mobile marketing was to set up a campaign and delivered results right there on the spot.

See one of the secrets that top salesman know about selling is the power of demonstration. I showed the business owner how I could supply fresh leads to them on a regular basis through mobile marketing…and it worked.

I used two services that I could use to generate leads and simply diverted the leads to that customer.

If you want to know about the two lead generation companies I used then leave me a comment on this post.

“How To Generate Leads… and Attract New Customers with Video Marketing”

What exactly is video marketing?

In it’s most simplest form, video marketing is merely the act of putting your sales message on video and using that video to present your sales pitch to your market.

However, as simple as that may sound, you first have to have someone to show that video to. That’s called your lead.

So part of your marketing strategy has to involve generating a qualified lead.

How do you generate leads for your business?

This is the $64,000 dollar question that trips up most people. And although this is too large of a question to try to answer here in this post, I will give you an inside look at one of the methods I’ve used over and over to generate leads that I could show my video marketing message to.

This method uses simple networking in face to face situations. I like using it because it relies on the use of the business card or should I say the lack of a business card.

Here’s how I did it.

As a business owner, I would seek out and find my local chamber of commerce. You can do the same. Every city has some form of a chamber of commerce. I signed up and became a member. You might want to see how much it will cost to become a member. Some fee’s are rather high and others are rather low. You’ll have to find out that info and make a decision.

Once you become a member, they generally have meeting whereby you can meet with other members of the chamber and introduce yourself.

What I would do was as I introduced myself, there would normally be an opportunity to present my business card to the person I was talking to. And somehow..magically I would have lost my business card and would instead…ask for their email address.

Why would you want to say you don’t have a business card?

Because a business card doesn’t present a good opportunity for you to get them to view your video. When they receive your card and by the time they get to a computer or laptop to view your video, too much time has passed and they often forget.

Compare that to when they receive your email and open it up, they are in a position to view your email immediately.

Within that email I give them the video link.

Real simple.

So let’s recap here for a bit.

1. Join your local chamber of commerce

2. Attend your local meetings.

3. When asked for your card, instead ask them for their email.

4. Send them your video marketing message.