Why I hate selling…

Selling sucks!

Lets just get that out if the way right quick.

I hate it.

Kinda makes you feel dirty.

“Hey here’s my new copywriting course, why don’t you buy it”


“Build a list of email addresses that you can pitch your offers too, $29.95”


Here’s what I do instead..

I teach.
I expose people’s problems.

And when you read what I have to say you feel like a fly stuck on fly paper.


It’s because I know how people are wired.

When you see or read something that exposes a problem that you are having…I tap into your own anxiety.

And here’s the really cool part about what I do.

You see…

In order for you..the person with the problem…to get rid of that anxiety you have to read more of what I have to offer.


Because I’ve publicly acknowledged your pain and because of that you are hardwired to chase me down for the solution.

How cool is that?

Listen..what I do isn’t rocket science..nope not at all.

In fact I like to say that what I do is I market to people’s DNA.

Seems far fetched to some..and that’s fine because the truth never needs to seek sides….it just is.

Now here’s what you need to know.

If you want to raise your sales of your products and services then you need to learn how people are hardwired.

Become a reward for 10,000 people and watch how fast your bank account explodes.


Why You’ll Never Become Rich…

So let me start off by asking you a simple question.

You should be able to answer it really fast or if not, maybe you went to school on the special yellow bus for good kids only (wink wink)

Ok..so as not to waste anymore of my time on this..here is that question.

Why aren’t you rich?

Wait, I can hear you saying that you don’t want to be rich or that you’re doing ok..or whatever lame thoughts that might come to mind.

However the truth of the matter is that the reason that you aren’t rich is because..

You don’t want to be rich.

And here’s how I know.

It’s because nine times out of ten if you say you want to be rich..it’s a good thought. But and it’s a big but…you aren’t committed to becoming rich.

There is a difference.

Wanting to be rich is when you have all of those grand thoughts about eating caviar for snacks and having a big ass boat behind your house. Or how you piss off all of your friends because you can walk into any car dealership in America and pay cash for a card.

But the real truth is that you would never commit to making that happen.


Because the fat cats who operate the marketing machines have primed you to believe that being rich comes from staying up late at night a whipping out your credit card to purchase the latest foreclosed real estate program.

God bless you if you’ve ever bought anything from an infomercial and thought you’d be rich by the weekend.

Because what it really takes to be rich can’t be purchased in a 30 minute sales pitch.

So ok mr badass, “what does it take to be rich”

Hahaha…that question is the number one question I get asked most often.

And what’s even more funnier is my response and how it’s met with indifference.

It’s at the heart of anything you’ll ever do and if you want to be successful at whatever you choose to do, then you’d better have this or you’re simply wasting your time.

And what prey tell is this “it.”

It’s your mindset.

So take all of the frowns out of your face.

Because you see..rich people at their most fundamental level think differently then poor people.

Go study a few like I did and you will see how much that sticks out.

They don’t bitch and moan

They don’t blame their mommy’s or daddy’s

They don’t play oh poor me

Nope…in fact I’ve narrowed it down to three different things that they focus on to create crazy wealth in their lives and those who are lucky enough to be in their inner circle.

And if you want to find out I’d suggest you stay tuned and look out for some of my future posts where I will reveal my findings and how you can jump into the fast lane to wealth.

Or you can stay in your current lane where pinching pennies is part of everyday life.

Google + Nest = ?

After reading the headline that google buys nest..I had to step back for a moment and think about it…

And it makes sense..


Because google hasn’t been accused of making some drop dead gorgeous designs in the tech world..however, it’s biggest competitor apple..they are known for their designs.

So if you need to come up with a style that can reach the masses, works well, and looks good..what better way to do that then by snapping up former employees of apple.

In fact if it was me, I know I’d be grilling them not on design…but in how the culture operated at apple.

Then my next move would be to combine that with the best parts of my company and form a new attack front that apple would have to contend with.

Hey listen…if google wants to stay on top then they’ve got to think like a small company and not like a big company.

And if apple wants to remain relevant they’ve got to get their heads out of the sand and start creating compelling design once again.

Oh and by the way..(it feels funny actually spelling those words out. With so much texting I almost forgot to do that..but I digress)

You’ll soon start seeing more helpful posts as these are I guess what you could call my rants.

The Tech Titan That’s about to Tank…

It’s early in the morning and as I was catching up on the happenings in the business world overnight I thought I’d give you a quick thought about a very popular company who is currently a Titan in it’s industry, however their time has come unless they make some dramatic changes.

The name of that company….

Drum roll please….

That company is apple.

Here’s why you can count on apple being an afterthought coming here in the future.

One of the things I’ve learned about money in my time away from blogging is that money loves speed.

If you want to make lots of it then you have to be aware of that factor about money and when you get so big that you think that you can simply disregard that factor then it’s game over for you.

After the passing of Steve Jobs, apple has taken on more of the role of turtle as opposed to the role of the hare.

I mean geesh…there are those of us who love a great designed product, however when your competitor is pumping out new products every 6 months or so, then you have to apply speed as a your counter weapon of choice.

The company that can best adapt to their markets needs and wants and can get that product or service to the market the quickest will become the lead dog in the race to consumers pockets.

The bad news for apple is that not only has Samsung done just that, but other much smaller companies have taken on that idea of getting new products out the door much faster.

So while apple sits and tinkers with perfection..it’s competitors are busy racing new products out of the door to the market and steady gobbling up market share.

Another idea to keep in mind about apple is that they no longer have their best designer available to them in Steve Jobs. And although they have been on a patent frenzy, it won’t really help them in the minds of the consumer if those patents aren’t used in the products as quickly as possible.

So patent away as they may..at the end of the day it comes down to speed.

How fast can you turn ideas into viable products that your market wants.

And it is in this area where apple surely has lagged behind.

You don’t have to have a 4.0 business I.Q. to know that if your competitor is putting out 2 new phones a year and you’re only putting out 1…that the company who is doubling up your production will soon take market share away from you.

Now for speed to be a factor there has to be some level of quality to go along with that. If that quality is there then it’s only a matter of time before even loyal fans will look at other choices.

The return of the great one…

Where oh where have I been..

It’s been quite a while since my last post to you..in fact it was way back in 2013 when I last wrote something.

Well there was a reason for that.

As any good entrepreneur would tell you, if you want to excel at your chosen craft then you will need to never stop learning.

And that has been what has kept me away from blogging.


My journey has taken me on many different roads whereby my accumulation of new knowledge and wisdom will be finally shared with you here on this blog.

So you can look forward to upgrading what you know and how you apply it.

What You Thought You Knew About Your Customers and Why They Buy But Were Wrong!

It’s been a while since my last post.

There was a good reason for that as I’ll explain in just a moment.

You see, I’ve been doing some research that will be of good use to you. In fact it can be said that the information that I uncovered could be life changing. It’s that serious.

What I did was to take a look at why people do things. Like why you buy a certain brand of toothpaste. Or why you prefer a certain brand of shoes over another brand. Or is there a such thing as loyalty when it comes to products and services.

As it turns out, what I found is that 95% of what we do is done because of your habits. Your habits determine whether or not you will buy a product or use a service on a regular basis or not. Your habits will even determine whether you become a loyal customer or whether you will be able to keep a good marriage going strong for years to come.

Now after reading what I just wrote, it sounds like a nice thing to know, but you more than likely would want to know how to use the information I found out about your habits as a marketing tool for your business or even as a way for changing some of your existing bad habits that you might already have.

Before I give you that information, let me sat that, this information won’t be placed on a free wordpress blog like this one as it has limited capabilities.

So I put it on my own blog where you can see the information for yourself.

It’s called thebrainaudit.com

Check it out, and let me know what you think!

Best Free Resource Ever?

I don’t even remember where I found this free ebook, I think it might have been in an email or something.

You gotta check it out.

The guy has made a ton of money in the copywriting industry and get this.

…He’s actually letting you in on not only his hits, but also his failures too. How often do people let you see their failures as well.

It’s called “My First 40 Years in Junk Mail”

Basically he walks you though his ads that he used to make way more money then you and I will probably ever make in out lifetime combined.

And the best part is that these ads are from the REAL WORLD!

Hell, he even shows you the ad he wrote when he was just a kid and was still wet behind the ears for a politician that brought in a small fortune. It actually made so much money that the politician told him when they talked years later that whenever he needs to raise money for his campaign he goes and digs out the letter he wrote and re-uses it again.

Seriously…it’s good reading.

Oh, and by the way.

I don’t even know the guy…Just his name. Richard Armstrong.

He’s not paying me to tell you about this, I’m not an affiliate of his nor are we long lost buddies trying to help each other out.

As far as I can tell the guy doesn’t even sell anything.

I got his book last month and waited to see if I would get hassled by email, (which I didn’t) and then decided to pass it on once he passed the “coolness factor”

I never even received a follow-up email from him.

And that was disappointing.

Because I want more!

He’s probably to busy, rich or both.

Anyway…you’ll love it.

The damn thing kept me up all night.