The Life Lesson You’ll Wish You Had Learned 30 Years Ago

Here’s another life lesson taken from deep in the trenches of Trenton New Jersey.

You’ve never heard what I’m gonna give you here.

And yet you’ll thank me afterwards..

Quick question..

Have you ever found yourself on a Friday afternoon surrounded by friends or family…or even your co-workers.

And one of them blurts out “TGIF, now I can go out for drinks later”

That’s short for thank god it’s Friday if you were held back in school.

Now, here’s the funny thing about that phrase and quite honestly the sad part.

For them..the 9-5 wage slaves.

Life begins and ends within the confines of Monday through Friday.

And they use the weekends to recharge and do it all over again.

Tsk tsk tsk..

Here’s what they never realize and what took me a while to truly get because of the programming I had received.

But first..another question for you.

If I asked you to give me $500 and in return I would give you $200..would you do it?

I’d put money in Vegas that you would think I’m crazy for asking you that.

That I must be high or something.

And yet you make deals like that every week.

When you sell off Monday – Friday in exchange for two days (Saturday and Sunday) you’ve done just that.

Sometimes it’s unknowingly (like I did)…

While other do it knowing that it’s a bad deal.

Gosh that sucks..

Oh and wait I can hear you making the argument that how else are you supposed to survive right?

How are you supposed to support your family?

Geez..learn this.

The idea is to use that time in the 401k slave trade as a stepping stone to entrepreneurship.

It’s not meant for you to stay there forever whereby you sell off 40-50 years of your life in return for a gold plated watch and your walking papers to now be released into pasture.

And where you try to hide the fact that you now wear fashionable depends underwear.

Or you carry around belly bags to keep today’s set of pills you have to take.

It’s the reward for a deal that was never meant for you to win.

It’s the dirty little secret that no one ever told you about..

Until now..

Like I just did.


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