Why You’ll Never Become Rich…

So let me start off by asking you a simple question.

You should be able to answer it really fast or if not, maybe you went to school on the special yellow bus for good kids only (wink wink)

Ok..so as not to waste anymore of my time on this..here is that question.

Why aren’t you rich?

Wait, I can hear you saying that you don’t want to be rich or that you’re doing ok..or whatever lame thoughts that might come to mind.

However the truth of the matter is that the reason that you aren’t rich is because..

You don’t want to be rich.

And here’s how I know.

It’s because nine times out of ten if you say you want to be rich..it’s a good thought. But and it’s a big but…you aren’t committed to becoming rich.

There is a difference.

Wanting to be rich is when you have all of those grand thoughts about eating caviar for snacks and having a big ass boat behind your house. Or how you piss off all of your friends because you can walk into any car dealership in America and pay cash for a card.

But the real truth is that you would never commit to making that happen.


Because the fat cats who operate the marketing machines have primed you to believe that being rich comes from staying up late at night a whipping out your credit card to purchase the latest foreclosed real estate program.

God bless you if you’ve ever bought anything from an infomercial and thought you’d be rich by the weekend.

Because what it really takes to be rich can’t be purchased in a 30 minute sales pitch.

So ok mr badass, “what does it take to be rich”

Hahaha…that question is the number one question I get asked most often.

And what’s even more funnier is my response and how it’s met with indifference.

It’s at the heart of anything you’ll ever do and if you want to be successful at whatever you choose to do, then you’d better have this or you’re simply wasting your time.

And what prey tell is this “it.”

It’s your mindset.

So take all of the frowns out of your face.

Because you see..rich people at their most fundamental level think differently then poor people.

Go study a few like I did and you will see how much that sticks out.

They don’t bitch and moan

They don’t blame their mommy’s or daddy’s

They don’t play oh poor me

Nope…in fact I’ve narrowed it down to three different things that they focus on to create crazy wealth in their lives and those who are lucky enough to be in their inner circle.

And if you want to find out I’d suggest you stay tuned and look out for some of my future posts where I will reveal my findings and how you can jump into the fast lane to wealth.

Or you can stay in your current lane where pinching pennies is part of everyday life.


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