Why I hate selling…

Selling sucks!

Lets just get that out if the way right quick.

I hate it.

Kinda makes you feel dirty.

“Hey here’s my new copywriting course, why don’t you buy it”


“Build a list of email addresses that you can pitch your offers too, $29.95”


Here’s what I do instead..

I teach.
I expose people’s problems.

And when you read what I have to say you feel like a fly stuck on fly paper.


It’s because I know how people are wired.

When you see or read something that exposes a problem that you are having…I tap into your own anxiety.

And here’s the really cool part about what I do.

You see…

In order for you..the person with the problem…to get rid of that anxiety you have to read more of what I have to offer.


Because I’ve publicly acknowledged your pain and because of that you are hardwired to chase me down for the solution.

How cool is that?

Listen..what I do isn’t rocket science..nope not at all.

In fact I like to say that what I do is I market to people’s DNA.

Seems far fetched to some..and that’s fine because the truth never needs to seek sides….it just is.

Now here’s what you need to know.

If you want to raise your sales of your products and services then you need to learn how people are hardwired.

Become a reward for 10,000 people and watch how fast your bank account explodes.


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