The Tech Titan That’s about to Tank…

It’s early in the morning and as I was catching up on the happenings in the business world overnight I thought I’d give you a quick thought about a very popular company who is currently a Titan in it’s industry, however their time has come unless they make some dramatic changes.

The name of that company….

Drum roll please….

That company is apple.

Here’s why you can count on apple being an afterthought coming here in the future.

One of the things I’ve learned about money in my time away from blogging is that money loves speed.

If you want to make lots of it then you have to be aware of that factor about money and when you get so big that you think that you can simply disregard that factor then it’s game over for you.

After the passing of Steve Jobs, apple has taken on more of the role of turtle as opposed to the role of the hare.

I mean geesh…there are those of us who love a great designed product, however when your competitor is pumping out new products every 6 months or so, then you have to apply speed as a your counter weapon of choice.

The company that can best adapt to their markets needs and wants and can get that product or service to the market the quickest will become the lead dog in the race to consumers pockets.

The bad news for apple is that not only has Samsung done just that, but other much smaller companies have taken on that idea of getting new products out the door much faster.

So while apple sits and tinkers with’s competitors are busy racing new products out of the door to the market and steady gobbling up market share.

Another idea to keep in mind about apple is that they no longer have their best designer available to them in Steve Jobs. And although they have been on a patent frenzy, it won’t really help them in the minds of the consumer if those patents aren’t used in the products as quickly as possible.

So patent away as they the end of the day it comes down to speed.

How fast can you turn ideas into viable products that your market wants.

And it is in this area where apple surely has lagged behind.

You don’t have to have a 4.0 business I.Q. to know that if your competitor is putting out 2 new phones a year and you’re only putting out 1…that the company who is doubling up your production will soon take market share away from you.

Now for speed to be a factor there has to be some level of quality to go along with that. If that quality is there then it’s only a matter of time before even loyal fans will look at other choices.


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