Google + Nest = ?

After reading the headline that google buys nest..I had to step back for a moment and think about it…

And it makes sense..


Because google hasn’t been accused of making some drop dead gorgeous designs in the tech world..however, it’s biggest competitor apple..they are known for their designs.

So if you need to come up with a style that can reach the masses, works well, and looks good..what better way to do that then by snapping up former employees of apple.

In fact if it was me, I know I’d be grilling them not on design…but in how the culture operated at apple.

Then my next move would be to combine that with the best parts of my company and form a new attack front that apple would have to contend with.

Hey listen…if google wants to stay on top then they’ve got to think like a small company and not like a big company.

And if apple wants to remain relevant they’ve got to get their heads out of the sand and start creating compelling design once again.

Oh and by the way..(it feels funny actually spelling those words out. With so much texting I almost forgot to do that..but I digress)

You’ll soon start seeing more helpful posts as these are I guess what you could call my rants.


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