How To Choose Long Tail Keywords

Lately there has been a lot of talk about using long tail keywords in your blogging adventures.

But truthfully, a lot of what you’ve heard about using long tail keywords in incorrect and misleading.

However, today I want to clear some things up for you so that hopefully you can become the bloggin sharpshooter that you were meant to be.

So what exactly are long tail keywords?

To start off with, one of the big misconceptions that you will hear out there is that long tail keywords are words that usually have 3 or more words. Sadly, this isn’t correct.

It is sometimes true that longer phrases can show up in the long tail results for a search. But don’t be fooled by that inhow to choose long tail keywords your research.

Here’s what you really need to know about how to choose long tail keywords for you blog

When you want to generate traffic for you blog, then you will need to look not at the amount of words in your phrase, but instead look at the number searches done for the phrase to determine whether or not it is indeed a true long tail keyword.

How about an example.

Let’s say that you wanted to do a search for a keyword phrase and you chose to research the phrase cut hair.

And in so doing,  you come across the choices:

cut hair 900 searches

how to wash long hair 1200 searches

blonde hair 650 searches

Looking at the phrases here which one of them would be considered the long tail phrase?

If you said blonde hair then you would be correct.

See it’s the number of searches that count.

Always remember to look at the number of searches to determine if it is a phrase you should be using in your blogging adventures.

The example above was just one I made up for this sample so don’t go out there thinking you can start a blog on blonde hair.

If you’re trying to rank for a word with a moderate competition then you can gain some traction by going with words that have less competition, but that you can also rank really easy for.


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