“Serial Entrepreneur: Business Tips Every Entrepreneur Should Know”

Hi folks,

Have you ever heard of the phrase serial entrepreneur?

If you’re not familiar with that phrase then let me give you my personal definition of what it means.

To me a serial entrepreneur is someone who start’s multiple businesses, it can be online or offline, the location doesn’t really matter.

To them, owning a business for seven or eight years is not the goal. They are looking to start and create a successful business as quickly as possible and then sell it for a profit.

And although, I’m not a serial entrepreneur, I do recognize some of the people who are successful at doing it. One of those people is Mitch Thrower.

Mitch is someone you should check out. His name might not ring a bell as a Sir Richard Branson does (yea, he’s one of the kings at serial entrepreneurship. The virgin group has over 400 companies in it) but Mitch does have some valuable insight on what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

I loved his “find a networkable comma” concept. Check out the video of him doing a presentation. I’d like to hear what you think.

What were you able to take away from this video? Do you have a networkable comma? Leave me a comment below.


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