“The Three Wallet Fattening Ideas I learned From Apple”

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I’m sure that if you’re reading this, then there is a good chance that you will have heard of a company called apple.

Just in case you haven’t though, I’ll just say that three of their most popular products are the ipad, the macbook, and the iphone.

I know they have other products like the touch and so on, but these are the three that I will focus on for now.

After becoming a fan of apple, it got me to thinking about how did I go from not even liking them, to shelling out big money to won their products.

Well, here’s what I learned

Apple does three things better than any other company does or is doing right now.

Those three things are:

1. Simplicity

I can’t even begin to go into detail about apple without first saying something about how apple uses simplicity as a marketing tool.

My first exposure to apples products came with the ipod. While I already owned a mp3 player, it was a bit confusing to work all of the features that came with it. Sometimes I would forget how to work tose features and would be stuck going back to the instruction manual to figure it out.

What apple did with it’s ipod and has continued to do with all of it’s products is that they made the ipod simple. One central button. Geesh, that made thins so easier. I didn’t have to know what each and every buttons funtion was for, just one.

In your business, think about how can you make things simple or simpler for you customer. In every market there exists a set of customers who don’t want things to be complicated. They want simplicity. HOw can you cater what you offer to feed this market? Once you have them they will become your most vocal followers.

2. Think Different

When you think different today in our society, you’re often label as being an outsider. This can actually be a good thing. Apple took this and turned it into a positive for their company. By thinking differently you’ll often come across far more winning ideas then you will ideas with no meat behind them. What made the ipod and the iphone such a smash hit was that they both were different. The iphone offered touch screens that used little apps that connected you to their app store. Their ipod gave you access to your entire music library with just one touch of the button. At the time for both of these device’s, there wasn’t anyone offering what apple was offering. Being different projects a feeling. That feeling carries over and becomes associated with your product or service.

How can you embrace being different? How can you communicate this to your market? How can you zig when your competition zags?

3. Life enhancing products and not just simple gadgets

This is one of the big differences between apple and its competitors. Apple products are seen as items that make their users lives better than if they didn’t have their devices. With the ipad you can close more sales. With the iphone you have access to more apps that can possibly make your life easier. When you are purchasing an apple product you get the feeling that you’re unwrapping a christmas present and not just some gadget that will be sitting on the shelf two months from now.

In which ways can you turn your product or service into a life enhancing experience?

So let’s wrap things up here.

Today you learned not one, but three different things that you can take from how apples woo’s it’s customers and turns them into raving fans. Those things were 1. simplicity, 2. think differently, 3. Life enhancing products. When you include these three items in your planning and marketing process then you will establish a much better connection with your customers.

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