“Want More Readers For Your Blog? – Just Do This

Hi everybody, headline goes here please

Hi everybody, headline goes here please (Photo credit: reinvented)

If you want to have more readers for your blog then you have to consider doing one thing just a little bit differently.

Now before I tell you what that one thing is, let me just say this first.

Having good content matters.

It won’t do you any good whatsoever if you happen to get more readers to your blog, but drop the ball on providing them with killer content.

You have a blog, you have good content, then how do you get more readers to stop by and not only read your blog, but also have them come back on a regular basis.

That’s what you want right?

Then do this.

Learn how to write better headlines. Yes, I know…it doesn’t sound like anything special, and chances are you may have even heard this advice before. (Just keep in mind that I used the same tactic to grab your attention for this post..)

However, don’t dismiss that advice too quickly.

When you consider that millions of magazines sit on the shelves in stores across the world. Each one has a price tag attached to them. There are no pushy salesmen to try and convince you why their magazine is the best.

The only thing they have to sell the magazine is the headline blurb on the cover.

They pay millions of dollars to copywriters to come up with eye catching titles that will push your buy buttons.

You need to focus on learning the art of writing eye catching headlines.

Take a few minutes and go down to your local magazine or grocery store. Pick out a few of the top selling magazines. Take them home and start studying them. Write them out yourself. Make sure that you do that at least for 5 minutes each day.

For how long?

You will do that until your mind has built a mental map on how to craft these headlines. You’ll know when you can stop when you can sit down and without any help from the magazines you can begin writing the blurbs just like the  magazine copywriters do.

Until that happens, don’t stop writing everyday. They key to turning you into a headline writing jedi master is the daily writing.

So let’s sum things up here.

You’ll become that superstar blogger and will have way more readers than you normally wood when you learn the art of crafting headline zingers. Those are headlines that grab your attention like I just did by using the word zinger in a sentence. Your daily task is really simple. study and write out headlines like the ones you’ll find on the magazines sitting in the isle of grocery stores.

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