“Why Following Your Passion In Business Is All Wrong”

Back in the year 2001 I was looking for a business that I could start that would give me some freedom. I had been working 10-12 hour days for well over six months straight and only having one day off. The money was good, but it felt like my body was gonna break down and like I really need a break for a while.

So a friend of mine who knew how I was feeling suggested that I talk to his uncle who had started his own business because he wanted something different then the standard 9-5.

I listened to my friend and decided I would pick his uncle’s brain for a few ideas to see if indeed starting a business would be a good match for me.

We met up one saturday morning and while having some lunch I asked him about what advice he would give me if I wanted to start my own business.

His reply was, “Follow your passion, turn your passion into a business”

I listened to him as I sat and ate the rest of my sandwhich and finished off my drink. I left the meeting feeling pretty good about the decision I was soon about to make.

So did his advice help me?

In all actuality, the advice to follow your passion and turn your passion into a business is at best half right and can never be totally correct.

That advice is missing a very crucial part which it took me years to find out exactly what that part was.

What is the missing part to the idea that you should follow your passion in business?

This was the part it took me years to figure out and can save you a ton of time if you pay attention to what I’m about to share with you.

The missing part to following your passion comes in two parts.

1. How can your passion be turned into a business model

2. Convergence: It’s the space between what you are passionate about and what other people care about and are willing to spend money on.

Without those to items being addressed, then pursuing a business based on passion alone is the quickest way to go into debt and joining the line of other people who are miserable.

Should you pursue a business based on your passion?

I’ll answer that with this.

Every passion is not meant to be turned into a business. That’s just the way it is. However, if your passion happens to be one of those passions that might be able to be turned into a business model, and it matches up with what other people care about and are willing to pay for… then…more power to you. Go for it.

To sum things up here.

Don’t be fooled by the tainted advice of turning your passion into a business without first considering the two major items I’ve mentioned here. It needs to be able to be converted into a working business model and it needs to match up with other peoples wants they they think are important enough that they will pay money for them.


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