“Is This The Best Book on Creating Top Notch Blog Posts Ever?


Ok, calling this the best book ever on the subject of blogging might be stretching it a bit. I do have to admit that I’ve only read 35 books on the topics of blogging online.

Now in the online world that might be a small number, however it happens to be more than most people have read on the subject.

So why isn’t this book considered one of the worst books on blogging ever?

Well what would make a book on blogging a bad book.

Seems to me that a bad book on blogging wouldn’t really offer you any real value. Chapter after chapter would only give you information that could be found easily online. No real details on what you could do right now to see improvements in your blog. No real creativity in it’s ideas. No real ummmph. 10 ideas here, 10 ideas there and your done. Not a real winner. And no real feeling of being connected to the information.

But here’s something I did notice though…

This book doesn’t leave you feeling disconnected

It only took me breezing through the first chapter to see just how valuable this book would be to blogging. I used what was just in the first chapter alone to create several breakthrough posts on this blog. Right now when I’m looking for an idea to use for writing a blog post I just flip through the chapters and wapow! There is a new idea for a blog post. I mean, how often do you get ideas for how you can get A-List bloggers to pay attention to you, and they actually work!

You don’t come off looking spammy when you use the ideas presented in this book.

That’s a real turn off to your readers. When you just throw information out there. Using a shot gun approach, you hope that something sticks and hits your target. That doesn’t make for good blogging and better blogging methods are what you are looking for right?

So you’re probably wondering what is the title of this book…

It goes by the name of 100 shareable article ideas by Tania Dakkar.

She’s not only got some great ideas for your blog to explode with new traffic, she also has a pretty cool blog as well.

You can find it here.


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