“Why I Love This Commercial From Sears…and The Major Marketing Secret It Reveals!”

Before I give you today’s marketing lesson, you’ll first need to watch the video all the way through.

It’s only 30 seconds, but it will be worth it in the  end when you find out the marketing secret that I will reveal to you.

I’ll wait……

Alrighty, if you actually watched the video all the way through then you will have seen a perfect example of what I like to call the language of believability.

Let me explain.

In the commercial, when you first start watching it, the appearance of the video looks and feels like it’s a movie trailer.

Like it’s some type of romantic comedy or something. And because of that, you begin to believe that it is just that.

You don’t fully recognize the characters, but it still follows the rules of movie trailers.

You feel like you want to know more about what this movie will be about. It even has the voice over that adds more believability.

Then at the end, when the guy hits the fridge, only then do you realize it’s a commercial and not a movie trailer.

So why does this commercial work?

It piggybacks on the hundreds and hundreds of times that you’ve seen a movie trailer. They have a certain look to them. Quick shots of scenes. A narrator. The flash of the movie maker (like mgm studios)

In your mind, you’ve made a category that says movie trailer when you see all of the things I just mentioned combined together in one commercial.

If you like watching movie trailers then you’re more likely to watch the commercial all the way through.

Then at the end, they let you know it’s sears. Ding!

That’s a smart marketing move.

Here’s why.

Because you believe it’s a movie trailer, you watch it all the way to the end. Then when sears pops up their name, you’re more likely to remember them because of your minds ability to remember beginnings and endings. In this case sears is using the ending as a way to get you to remember them.

If sears had flashed their name up front, your mind would have immediately recognized it as a commercial and turned away.

So how can you use this powerful marketing tactic?

To use this tactic, you’ll need to look at some already accepted beliefs and practices that people don’t have an issue with. In the sears example, it’s the belief in movie trailers being non-threatening.

You have to borrow believability from all of the places in our society where it is stored up.

For example.

Newspaper editorials, breaking news, express letters, etc.

By using societies stored up beliefs, you can borrow believability for your product or service.

Let’s sum things up here.

You just learned about the language of believability and how you can use that language to introduce your product to the masses. You can use this language by looking at the believability that society has stored up and then proceeding to use that in your marketing.


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