“What You Were Never Told About Your Brain in School”

One the fascinating things about that little piece of grey matter that is siting on your shoulders is that scientists have told us that not only do you have one brain, they actually have told us that we have three.

Those three are

1. The neo Cortex

2. The limbic

3. The reptilian

Now the first two that I mentioned aren’t important to this post.

It’s the last one…the reptilian brain that we are concerned with here.

So why are we concerned with the reptile brain?

Well it has to do with how the reptile brain responds to marketing. First you have to understand that this part of your brain is the oldest part of your brain and doesn’t really respond to words. Word’s only became available about 40,000 years ago and written words around 10,000years ago.

Before then we communicated by saying uga-uga, gestures and visual drawings. Back then it was much easier to communicate by drawing a picture rather than trying to worry about verbs and nouns. That’s a whole different story by itself.

Back to Mr. Reptile.

The reptile brain responds to contrast. Think before and after, you know like what you see in those weight loss infomercials where you will see the before picture of the lady weighing 300lbs. Then after months and months of training she’s down to 140lbs.

Here’s an example:

(this photo is from the Tim Ferris blog)

If you take a look at this photo, without any words whatsoever, the reptilian part of your brain immediately understands it. The contrast communicates with your mind, no explanation needed.

But what does this have to do with marketing?

Well, when you consider that the reptilian part of your brain is responsible for making purchasing decisions, then you can understand how if you can influence this part of your customers brain then you can literally have your competition shaking in their boots.

How can you use this knowledge in your marketing?

To put it simply, you would include visuals that emphasize contrast in them. Before and after, beginning and ending, big and small etc.

When you include these kind of visuals in your marketing you are speaking directly with the part of your customers brain that is responsible for making the decision of whether they should buy or not buy what it is that you have to offer.

You are influencing the main decision maker

How about that…with the right kinds of pictures you can double and often triple your chances of your messages getting through to your customer.

Just keep this in mind.

In order for this to work it has to show contrast. NO contrast, no influence.

Let’s sum things up here.

The part of your brain that is responsible for making decisions is called the reptilian part of your brain. In order for you to influence this part of your brain you have to use visual contrast in your marketing. When this is present then you are communicating with the non-conscious part of your customers mind.


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