“Why What You’ve Been Told About Your Happiness Is All Wrong”

Years ago when I was fresh out of trade school. I was faced with the task of finding a job to pay off my student loans.

At that time jobs weren’t really hiring fresh out of school mechanics. And that’s exactly what I was.

To keep the bill collectors off of me, I had to quickly adapt. That meant I had to take what job was available that offered me the chance to pay my now mounting bills.

So I took a job at a local factory as a line worker. The plant was originally built in the early 1900’s and showed that it had outlived it’s primary years. I performed my daily routine while walking on wooden blocks that served as the floor.

After doing that for a little over three months I was approached one day by my manager. To say that it had made me nervous was an understatement. It was right around the time when my 90 day probation was just about up. While working there, I had heard of the stories where they let new workers go right before their probationary period was over. I tried to dodge him for fear of it was now going to be my turn to face the pink slip line.

However, much to my surprise, I was not let go, but instead offered a managers position. Hot Damn..I’m moving up in the world. Now I was happy. The smile on my face could be seen from the other side of the plant. After a few moment to think about it, I accepted the position.

Six months into my new position I found something interesting happening. I was no longer happy. In fact I was miserable. How can that have happened?

I was making a good salary finally and my bills were no longer an issue. But my happiness had disappeared.

So what happened to my happiness?

Let’s take a look at happiness as it relates to you and I.

Understand this about happiness.

As human beings, we are not built for happiness. I know, you’ve been told that you are, and that sounds nice in theory, but in reality…it’s the furthest thing from the truth.

We are not designed to be happy but rather to pursue happiness.

In fact you have a built in drive to pursue whatever you believe will make you happy.

Having this built in drive can actually be dangerous

The reason why it can be dangerous is because you will have to keep seeking, which means you can’t enjoy the happiness you have found for any length of time. Soon you become used to what you have got and will feel the need to strive for more. You then convince yourself that your next conquest will finally bring you happiness. However, as soon as you realize your new goal the cycle starts again.

That’s what happened to me after six months of being a manager. I became unhappy because I had got used to the position and felt I needed something else to make me happy.

How can you use this knowledge in your business?

The easiest way to use this information is to look at your market. Ask yourself where is your market when it comes to the happiness train.

Are they in the pursuit phase or are they in the stage where they are already happy?

The answer to those seemingly simple questions will yield you big results in your business.

How is that you ask?

It’s because once you know exactly where your market is on the happiness train you will then get an idea of what your marketing will need to consist of.

If they are in the pursuit phase then they will be looking for products and services that will get them to that end goal.

That being the case then your marketing will need to point out how your product will help them get there.

If they are already in the happiness phase then you will need to set your marketing to point out that there is still a point on the happiness train that they still have yet to see. What you’re doing here is pushing their greed button. This is harder to do of course and will require more of your creative juices.

So let’s wrap things up here.

You are not designed for happiness, but instead you are wired for the pursuit of happiness. Once you understand and accept this then you can use this in your marketing. You will need know where you market is currently on the happiness train,


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