“Can Your Service Business Benefit from Pinterest?”


Imagine that you are a service business. You provide let’s say…transportation locally and you heard how pinterest is driving sales for companies around you.

You take a look at the companies that are benefiting from pinterest and you notice that they have one major thing in common.

They all have products that they sell and not services.

So you come to the conclusion that clearly pinterest is not for you and your service business right?

Or is it…

Is it possible for you to leverage pinterest for your service based business?

Of course it is..otherwise I wouldn’t have written this post. So make sure you pay attention here.

Ok let’s move onward shall we…

The way you leverage pinterest for your service based business is rather simple.

You have to use a concept that will help understand what it is that you have to do.

That concept is one of turning your information into something that is visually appealing. And that goes for products and service based businesses as well.

But isn’t pinterest all about beautiful pictures?

That’s a big misconception.

You might think that pinterest is all about having purty pictures, and don’t get me wrong, that is helpful. However it’s not the end all be all either.

In fact I’m going to give you a few ideas that you can use today that will help you see just how you can leverage pinterest, even if you don’t have high definition photo’s.

What kind of pictures can you post on pinterest if you have a service oriented type of business?

Ok so here are the types of photo’s you can post on pinterest if you have a service business.

1. Infographic

Turn information about your industry and your business into an infographic. Then create a board where you can then post that information to.

Let’s say that you are in the transportation business. How can you show information about your industry on pinterest?

You could create an infographic that shows how many people buses carry as compared to cars. Or create a graphic about one vacation spot as compared to another popular one.

2. Create a How-To

Show your customers how to do something and turn that into a visually appealing graphic.

Give a detailed how to using graphics for your market and post that onto your pinterest board.

Show them step one, do this, step two do that and so on.

Now this might sound like a good thing to do,  but there is one major problem.

What software do you need to buy in order to make these graphics?

You might be surprised to learn that the software you can use to create these kinds of graphics isn’t expensive at all.

The one I use is called piktochart.com

It’s a cool program and get this.

You can create infographics for free.

So let’s wrap things up here.

Even your service business can benefit from having a pinterest account by turning your information and data into a visual graphic using the website that I gave you.


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