“Zig Ziglar Motivational Speaking: Can You Develop a Magnetic Personality Like His?”

Zig Ziglar was one of the first motivational speakers slash marketing guru’s that I learned about way back when I was just starting out in the world of marketing.

I was a young marketing cub trying to find my way in the marketing world. Before I had even read any of his books or signed up for any news letter, I was devouring his audio tapes.

Yes, that’s how long ago it was.

CD’s weren’t even that popular yet, and having a Zig Ziglar motivational cassette tape series was actually considered to be cool.

I would listen to his audio’s before I went to sleep at night and it was the first thing I listened to in the morning to get my day started off right.

To here him with his southern drawl, and the stories about his wife whom he’d often to as “Red” would get my day off to a good start.

He was a marketing guru before the term became fashionable.

So how can you become your own marketing guru like Zig Ziglar?

Part of what made zig ziglar such a marketing guru was that he understood people. You have to know how people think and act. You have to know that when people are in certain situations they will think and act in a certain way as well. Often times they will revert back to their reptilian brain.

So for you, here’s what that means.

Study people. What leads them to make buying decisions…

Look for those same things that you find in other people. Is it a common trait. If it is, then make a note of it.

Become a student of behavioral psychology.

You will also want to develop your personality.

Here’s how I got rid of my fear of speaking in public and developed my own winning personality.

This by far was a real shocker to me because I have always had a fear of speaking in public. But I picked this up one day while reading about developing a strong personality.

Would you believe that by simply raising your eyebrows while you talk will actually lower your fears that you have and let you reveal more of your own personality.

Here’s what you do.

Go to your bathroom and start talking. I know, you will be talking to yourself in this exercise, but trust me when I say this will pay off in a more confident you.

Next pay attention to your eyebrows.

Raise them up as you talk. This put’s you in a smiling mode. what you will find is that you start to feel happier and more at ease in this mode. It makes you more inviting to talk to. People will not feel afraid to approach you as they might have in the past.

It’s crazy but it works.

Give it a whirl.

How could having a winning personality catapult your business success? Where do you start with building a can-do attitude? Leave me a comment below to learn how.


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