“Evangelistic Tendencies: How To Create The Accidental Evangelist”

create your evangelist

Imagine you were a busy business traveler and today you were scheduled for a flight to chicago’s ohare airport.

Your day began with your alarm clock not going off when it was supposed to so you’re already behind schedule. So you hurry up and get washed up so you can head out the door.

After you’ve cleaned up you grab your suitcase in a flash and dash out to your car.

You load your luggage into the trunk and put your key into the ignition and…click..click..Darn it…no juice in your battery.

Now in order to make your flight you’re gonna have to see if a family member is available who can drop you off or possibly even call a taxi.

Thankfully your trusty uncle Mike is available to take on the task.

So you decide to get your uncle to drop you off.

He’s a good guy, but he drives as slow as molasses climbing up a hill. Uncle Mike puts the pedal to the medal for you.

Finally, you’ve made it to the airport and you find that you will have to catch the next flight. That sucks.

You arrive at the airport where you flag down a taxi to take you to your hotel.

Upon arriving at the hotel, you are greeted and asked how was your day going. You reply back with, ” it’s been a very terrible day so far.”

What happens next puts a smile on your face.

Or dare I say a grin.

When you arrive in your room, you find a box of mint chocolates with a note that says, “Sorry you’ve had a rough day, here’s a box of chocolates. We hope this box of chocolates will cheer you up, compliments of _______ (hotel)

Wapow!! They’ve just created the accidental Evangelist.

You’re now more than likely going to spread the word about how the hotel gave you that warm fuzzy feeling after your day got off to a terrible start.

And ok,  I know that you’re not a hotel operator.

And your options for creating these types of evangelists are far and few in between.

However, it still is possible to create your own evangelist’s if you know what to do.

So how do you create your own accidental evangelists?

You have to do one thing better than your competition.

That one thing is to listen.

Companies don’t listen…people do.

However, listening by itself isn’t enough.

You’ve got to listen and act on what you’ve heard.

Act on specific situations. Not just the obvious.

In the hotel example, what you saw was a person who listened to the customer and then acted immediately to change their experience.

That is crucial.

Don’t underestimate how useful this tactic is.

Yes it seems so simple, and often you will find that the best solutions are often the most simple.



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