“So What Happens If You Give Most of It Away? The Cheer leader Concept”

Have you ever paid close attention to the little outfits that cheer leaders wear at professional sporting events.

If you have then you will have noticed one glaring thing about them. And that is that they reveal quite a bit of the female body.

A beautiful face, a revealing  top, and a tiny pair of shorts.

Lot’s of skin.

Men’s eyes become literally glued to them. And there is a reason for that. I call it the cheerleader concept.

So what’s the Cheerleader concept?

The most important thing for you to notice about the cheerleaders out fit is that she reveals about 90% of her body and men still can’t keep their eyes of them.


It’s because the remaining 10% that’s left make up the most wanted items they want to see, so they will stare and still give their attention to the cheerleader.

How can you use the cheerleader concept in your business?

To use this concept in your business, what you’ll need to do is rather simple.

Give away 90% of your idea, strategy or tactic. The part that you don’t reveal is the 10%, also known as the most wanted items.

Like the cheerleader, you reveal most of what it is you have to offer. In doing so your potential customers will consume what you’ve given them. But the big pay off comes in that also like the cheerleader, what they really want most is that last 10%…and that’s the part they will be willing to pay you for.

Are you still struggling to get new clients? Could your sales strategy use a makeover? Leave me a comment below.



    1. Hey Mike,

      Good to hear from you and thanks for dropping by the site. I appreciate your comments and thanks for the compliment. It’s also funny that you mentioned how simple the site is because my newest post pointed out the three things I learned from apple. One of them was simplicity. And as it turns out Mike, your our minds like simplicity. With so much noise out there in the form of data and information, I didn’t want my info to get lost behind the noise.

      Thanks again

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