“Is It Possible to Build Product Love Like Apple?”

When it comes to cheese popcorn, to say that I love the act of eating a nice seven ounce bag is just the start.

Not only do I love eating extra cheesy popcorn, but when you add some caramel corn with it as well…geesh I’m in popcorn heaven.

But here’s the thing about my popcorn fetish.

I won’t eat any other brand of popcorn other than Garrett’s popcorn.

Don’t even bother putting some other brand in front of me. Not interested.

To say I’m loyal to their brand, is saying the least.

So how can you build brand loyalty like this?

That’s the million dollar question.

To answer that I’m going to run through something that I learned from one of the biggest builders of brand loyalty that you can find…Apple.

How apple built a staggering amount of loyal fans

Well, what did apple do that was so profitable that it created a loyal fan base that will literally crucify anyone who dares to say anything bad about their leader.

The solution lies in this one sentence.

They created an enemy and defined that enemy to become part of their markets social identity.


What you have to do is make your customers feel different then the people who use the other competing brands. The sharper the distinction the more effective your strategy will be.

Remember the white earbuds they used when they first introduced the ipod?

It wasn’t done by accident.

When you were seen wearing the headphones, you were immediately seen as different and also that you had an apple ipod.

Remember how apple’s commercials showed shadows of people and how only the headphones were visible.

If you weren’t wearing the white earbuds then you must be using an inferior product. That’s what they wanted to come across to people.

You saw famous people wearing them as well. So you could be like them, and aren’t famous people smart? I know, you know of some hollywood A-listers who aren’t the brightest of the bunch, but what matters here is perception, not reality.

This was all made  possible by asking a few simple questions.

Here are the questions you need to ask yourself to be seen as different.

Are there any existing stereotypes that exist in your market? Can you leverage those to your advantage?

Those are the questions apple asked to find out how they could leverage the mac vs the pc.

From there their advertising hammered home all of those existing stereotypes.

Give your customers an enemy to rally against to turn them into loyal fans.

With my popcorn example, they made cheaply produced cheese popcorn the enemy. They called themselves gourmet popcorn and created a bag that you could easily identify.

When you see anyone with this bag, you immediately know that they are eating garrett’s popcorn.


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