“How To Attract The Customers You Want”

Have you ever had a nightmare customer?

You know who they are..

They don’t pay you on time..

They hassle you every step of the way..

They drain you of all of your energy.

Well guess what?

I use to have clients like that.

It sucked..

But then it suddenly stopped.

I stopped getting the nightmare clients.

In fact the clients became increasingly nicer and much more co-operative.

My work finally became fun, and dare I say enjoyable.

After some deep digging  I found out why

Interestingly enough as it turned out it was my testimonials.

For you to better understand this…imagine that your website is like a mirror.

When I had the “right” testimonials, and the right tone to the testimonials, as well as the right “structure”, I started to get great clients.

And so will you.

So how do you create the right tone and the right structure?

Can something as simple as a testimonial make such a huge difference in your cash flow? And is it possible that by getting this testimonial you can get a sneak peak into and insight into why customers buy and their rationale for why they choose you?

If you’ve ever struggled with consistently getting good clients, or detailed testimonials for that matter…then you’ll find this knowledge to be a bit more than just common knowledge. In fact it can be used as a strategy.

Leave me a message below stating that you want this content to be created inside of my community website. When I get 15 people who want it, then it will be released.


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