“Can Blackberries Hold The Key For Getting Your Customers To Keep Coming Back”

Did you know that blackberries aren’t black when they start out…nor are they even the slightest bit sweet for that matter.

If you ever looked at blackberries when they start out you will see that they are actually green and sour enough to give you lockjaw.

The berries then go from green to a reddish color…and from the reddish color to..you guessed it, black.

Once that happens, the birds start to eat them.

Now this brings up an interesting point about consumption.

And most importantly how blackberries can teach you how to keep customers coming back.

The blackberry bush uses a simple system for keeping the birds coming back.

It staggers the ripening of the blackberries on the bush.

And here’s how it happens…

First a few bunches ripen.

Then a few days later, a few more bunches.

And this process goes on throughout the days.

The ripening works as a form of attraction and because of this process makes a sort of cycle out of it.

Why does the blackberry tree do this?

It’s to ensure that the birds keep coming back time and time again, instead of striping the bush all at once.

However, this is not the case with restaurant buffets…or your business

Imagine your business being more like a buffet. And as such, it doesn’t really matter that you’re selling products services, or whatever. You’re going to want to run a buffet.

You’ll want to dump all of your information, all your skills, and all of your rah rah rah on them at once.

And like the buffet, your customer will eat very hungrily.

From there they will go from hunger to greed.

Then from greed to indigestion.

Now 3 dozen burps later, your customer is tired of your buffet

Was this part of your plan?

Most likely no.

Your ideal plan was to keep having the customer coming back.

What went wrong?

To put it very simply.

Instead of creating a situation whereby you’ve set up staggered consumption, what you’ve created is a situation for over-consumption.

When staggered consumption would have been way better.

Now you’ve come to an important question you’ll need to ask yourself.

How do you create staggered consumption?

Staggering involves giving out your products, services, and training in steps.

Sure it’s fine for the blackberry bush to do staggered ripening, but how do you go about creating staggered consumption?

Let’s say that you’re selling a book, you can’t give out a few pages at a time, can you? If you’re offering a training program, you can’t give out just a few bit’s and pieces, can you?

No you can’t, because that wouldn’t make for good business.

So is the blackberry doing anything unethical?

No, not at all.

In fact what the blackberry is doing is treating each bunch of berries as a package.  Therefore, you should do the same.

This way when customers buy a book for example,  you then make sure that they get the rest of the package later.

And how do you do this?

You do this by staggering consumption

What this means is that the customer gets the the books with all of the pages, and then you send out additional packages, additional goodies.

So when you buy my mind-meld course for example, it gets followed up with some goodies. These goodies point out something that you may have missed in the course.

I do that for one purpose and one purpose only. And that’s to…

Have the packages ripen as the days and weeks pass.

Companies like apple do this.

They send me messages with discounts and new product offers.

You see, I’ve already bought their product. I’ve bought the iphone, Ive bought the ipad.

But what smart marketers know are two things:

1. That customers will need to take time to work things out.

Their customers will need to wrap their minds around new products and services.

They know that by staggering consumption, it’s a better way to go.

That customers can be encouraged to use their products and services long after they have made a purchase.

2. They also know that consumption leads to increased consumption

That if I keep going back to itunes that I will find something that I like.

The more examples I can give you for how to put mind-meld to work for you, the more likely you are to purchase other products from me in the future.

See, smart marketers aren’t goofy.

They know that they have to give in order to receive. And to keep giving, and giving, and giving. That they should give with no strings attached.

And blackberries don’t have any strings attached.

That’s staggered consumption.

And it’s what you can do to ensure that your customers keep coming back again and again, time after time.

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