“Are Three Email Links Better Than Two?”

Is there a perfect number of links that you should include in your email marketing message if you want to see increased clickthrough rates?

No, I wouldn’t say there is a perfect number, however I can say that there is a number that works better than others.

Before I give you that number, how about I give you a little background on how I came across this number.

One is not the magic number

In this case I wanted to see if having one link in my autoresponder email message would have a effect on my clickthroughs so I added a link right at the very top of my outgoing message.

It received quite a few hits, but the message still needed to be tested further.

I needed to establish a baseline to start off with.

Next came the A-B split test to see the best position of the link.

I tested the baseline message with it having a link at the top versus a message having a link in the middle of the body copy.

The email message with the link at the top beat out the message with the link in the middle.

My next test showed something very interesting.

When I placed the link at the bottom of my email in the p.s. it didn’t beat out the message with the link at the top, but it did beat out the message with the link in the middle. Go figure.

People have a tendency to skip down to the bottom of your message and read you p.s. rather than stoping in the middle of what they are reading to click on a message.

So now it was time to test out the winner versus the newest challenger

The next choice was to test the email champion with one link at the top versus an email with two links. Now the pressure is on right?

Will the reigning champion hold on to his title?

I’m sorry to have to report to you that we had an upset , and a new champ was crowned.

Here’s what I tested

I tested email messages with:

1. A link at the top and one in the middle

2. A link at the top and one in the p.s.

Both of those beat out the message with just a link at the top.

In fact the message with a link at the top and one in the p.s. came out with the best results.

The results are in and a new champion now has to defend his title.

The big test is now about to happen.

Will the email message with 2 links to my offer hold up against the magic number 3?

Not at all.

Here’s what I learned about the magic number “3”

By having 3 links in my messages as compared to just one or two clearly beat out the competition.

The structure was simple.

One link just after the intro of your message. Then another link in the middle and lastly, one in your p.s.

Every one of your messages should have a p.s. in it that includes a link.

What works best for me is the 3 link option.

Test out these results in your email marketing messages.

Next step: What do your customers think? What would it take to make them buy? In psychological marketing tactics I will show you how to form communication pieces that will make people buy from you. Leave me a comment below and when there are 10 comments, I will put the course into motion.


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