“What Are The Twin Factors For High Conversion Rates”

Are your conversion rates suffering from these two critical factors?

Before I reveal what these two factors are, first I want to talk to you about a few things like…

Why are conversion rates important?

That is a question you will need to both consider and answer if you want to have high conversion rates on your website, blog or email campaign.

Imagine that you have a retail website that’s got the latest designer fashions for sale at discounted prices. You’ve spread the word about what you have to offer and traffic is starting to come to your site.

You start to notice that your traffic numbers are really exploding through the roof.

That’s awesome.

But what hasn’t happened is that traffic is being converted into profitable sales.

And here is why conversion really matters

Your conversion rate matters because it lets you know if what you’re doing has caught on with your market. If your sales process needs to be tweaked or not.

Because at the end of the day what really matters most is sales.

If your not seeing sales come through then there is a problem somewhere in your process that’s costing you money.

So how do you fix your sales process when there appears to be a problem?

First you’ll have to consider looking at two factors that will affect your sales.

The first one is by far the biggest reason why people won’t buy from you and it’s called risk.

Anyone who’s looking to buy anything from you will look at risk. It’s the biggest roadblock that stands in the way between you and a sale.

When you solve risk you become one step closer to the sale.

Let’s say that you’re driving along and you notice that the ole SUV could use some gas.

You drive along until you see a gas station and you pull in and pull up to the pump. You hop out and go pay for the gas. You put in the gas, close up the cap and hop back in your car and back on the road you go.

Why did I give you this example?

It has to do with risk.

You see, you buy the gas from the station without any hesitation because of the risk factor. Or should I say the lack of risk.

Let me explain…

The gasoline station places the prices right out front so you can see them. There are no hidden fees and it’s a straight forward sale. You know that the other gas station further down the road has pretty much the same gas. That further lowers the risk factor for you.

So that brings up this important factor about risk

If you want to see more sales for your business then you will need to lower the risk factor for your potential customer. In the the gas station example the risk factor is virtually zero.

That is your goal.

Your potential customer is concerned about making a mistake. You’ll need to think about how you can ease their anxiety about making a purchase from you.

Also consider that when you ease their risk factor, their is still one more area you’ll have to attend to as well.

And that’s called the “like factor”

One of the things I left out in the gas station example was that the reason you probably chose the one gas station over the other is because there was something that you liked about it as compared to the other stations.

Yes, it’s important to reduce the risk factor, however if you don’t have the like factor then reducing risk won’t be enough to get you the sale.

Chances are that you chose the gas station because you might like the owner, or you might like the surroundings, or because they carry one of your favorite brands of candy.

Whatever the reason, when it comes to conversion, your potential customers are looking for low risk, and lots of like.

Now here comes the hard part.

How do you get people to like you?

Offline: chocolate, wine cheese tasting session, thank you cards, phone calls.

Online: People like personality, photos, quirky words…

Find out why your marketing might not be zooming ahead like you want by leaving me a comment below.







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